Confirmed speakers so far at the freedom summit

Confirmed speakers so far; Senator Gerard Rennick will be flying to Sydney to attend as a guest speaker at the freedom summit. Tickets are almost sold out. Tickets below. Confirmed speakers so far; Malcolm...

Aug 25, 2022


Storm preparation

Maintain your yard and balcony. Secure or store items that could blow around in strong winds Strong winds can pick up even large items such as outdoor furniture, trampolines and roofing iron causing damage to windows, roofs and cars. Try to keep items around your...


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Vaccine Injuries

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Speech given by Del Bigtree at the Las Vegas Freedom Festival

This informative article was presented on the Vegas Freedom Fest by Del Bigtree. This article feels just like a huge win for most of us who have also been attempting to warn others, simply to be ridiculed, cut away from your jobs, and about the getting finish of hate...

Matador Films “Uninformed Consent” Documentary – An In-Depth Look Into the Covid 19 Narrative

Watch the official public release of Matador Films' new "Uninformed Consent" documentary, presented by and Vaccine Choice Canada. An in-depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who's controlling it, and how it's being used to inject an untested, new...

Real life adverse reaction victims – episode 2

Following the overwhelming response from our last video, we now bring you Episode 2. Within the first 24 hours after getting the jab, Cathy's mum was paralysed, which ultimately led to her death 23 days later. The death certificate states immunisation is one of the...

Real life adverse reaction victims – episode 1

Four Australian cases of vaccine reactions, ranging from becoming wheelchair bound to death. All valid, none have been reported in the mainstream media. Here you can see it for yourself.


Alan Hashem