Following the overwhelming response from our last video, we now bring you Episode 2.

Within the first 24 hours after getting the jab, Cathy’s mum was paralysed, which ultimately led to her death 23 days later. The death certificate states immunisation is one of the causes of death.

We also cover a fit, vibrant, 21-year-old man from Greenacre, NSW. Ronnie was forced into getting the jab so that he could go back to work, and get back to a normal life. Ronnie experienced a denial of links to the jab by health professionals, blaming his mental health.

We now have three victims with a neurological disorder where it has been blamed on mental health. We will be bringing you the third story next week.

Our hearts go out to these victims and their families, and we hope this episode will help to continue raising awareness across our community and beyond. Please like and share this, helping to spread these stories far and wide, and give these people a voice!