A healthy 19-year-old Aussie teenager is hospitalized with her body full of blood clots shortly after receiving her second 💉💉

She was rushed to the ER after a D-dimer test came back positive showing that she had developed blood clots all over her legs and lungs. The 19-year-old is now struggling to come to terms with her life never going back to normal again.

She was very hesitant in getting the jab, saying…

“And I was pretty much told no jab, no job, can’t compete with my horses, can’t go anywhere. You’re selfish if you don’t get it, just get it. So, I tossed it out and did what was ‘right’ to do. I was a perfectly healthy, normal 19-year-old kid and have never been to hospital whatsoever. Super active.”

“Im struggling to come to the terms with what has been taken away from me… my new normal” – @cienna.knowles

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